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Norma says!
Here’s Norma – our best known member. Treasurer for 50 years from 1963 to 2013 – and caretaker longer than we can recall. If there is anything you want to know about KTC . . . ask Norma.
Chris & Simon
Chris Potter & Simon Fuda
Two of our keenest male competitors. Chris and Simon play in the same comp team and both have daughters who are club members. They also find each other on adjacent rungs of the winter singles ladder.
Bob & Michael
Bob Morgan & Michael Forsyth
Bob Morgan and Michael Forsyth fellow teams members in the winter comp.
Matt Terantis, Jack & Oliver
Matt Terantis with two keen competitors, Jack and Oliver.
Howard Massey
Howard with Lila. I’m a classic hacker but an enthusiast for the game. I’ve belonged to twelve clubs in England, France, Victoria and NSW … so I’m not giving up, hacker or not.
Gerda & Brian Keast
Awaiting some appropriate words from Brian.
Ready for battle
Olly and Henry
 Ready for battle
Reid and Tasman with Sam
Robert Stead
 Awaiting a narrative  . . .
David & Simon Graham
David & Simon Graham
 Members profiles Page 2 >>> 

David  has played in various comps around the world and is a genuine tennis crazy man with a  collection of rackets that fills his garage. Don’t get him started !!

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